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Cegos is an international leader in L&D for over 90 years.
Our Learning experts have been designing and implementing Digital Learning since the year 2000 (off the shelf collections and tailor-made solutions).
Learners will complete activities based on real-world examples to test their knowledge of the subject matter at various intervals. 

Some of our most popular topics:

Taking a break between meeting? Waiting for the laundry? On the way to pick up your kids?
Learning can even be done in as short as 7 minutes with our new Focus / Intensive modules:


Digital Learning

With technology so widespread and ingrained in all aspects of life, it is only a matter of when learning will be impacted. In fact, learning trends have already shown how the digital aspect is setting a new standard for engaging learners.
L&D is being revolutionized by digital – Digital Learning enhances learning experience and as a result, improves learning performance. Most organisations agree it can definitely open up great opportunities for learning. But the main question, is how?

We can take up these challenges with you:

  • Planning to implement Digital Learning effectively in your organisation?
  • Wondering how Digital can really leverage the impact of Learning?
  • Why can it boost transformation and operational excellence?

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Learn any time, any where, any device

Digital Learning is a learning approach which includes any type of digital resources that can be used in several ways (as part of face-to-face, distance learning, on-the-job), and it can be delivered in a synchronous or asynchronous mode.

Learners will be able to take more control because they can learn whenever and wherever they want. Learning can be delivered in a fun, interactive and engaging way, meaning organisations benefit from an increase in knowledge retention. Training costs can also be reduced because delegates spend less time and money travelling to a fixed physical training location. Learning does not stop!


Why Digital Learning

Digital learning offers many advantages for L&D professionals, enabling them to deliver training more efficiently, to the right people and at the best possible time.

Most of our clients are intrigued with these 2:

L&D with Digital LearningTraditional L&D
Learner (employee)-centricContent (programme)-centric
Learning path to provide continuous value and support to learnersSolutions are ‘one off’, there is no more follow up after training is delivered
Performance (transfer of learning to workplace) is the measure of success

Attendance, completion, satfisfaction are normally the measures of success


4REAL Learning Approach

Digital Learning extends learning with ‘Practice’ and ‘Apply’ phases. These are performance support tools which are important to transfer learning to the workplace.


For more insights, download the Cegos Innovation Handbook – a free research paper to help L&D manage change innovatively.


Digital Learning from Cegos

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