About Cegos

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Cegos Group

Cegos is Europe’s largest training organisation and one of the world’s leading Learning & Development companies. Cegos was founded in 1926 in France and has a strong foundation with more than 80 years of experience within Human Resource Development, Corporate Training and Operational Consulting.

Cegos specialises in the development and growth of managers and their teams and has a significant number of Global MNCs as world-wide training partners.

Cegos Asia Pacific

Cegos Group has its Regional HQ right here in Singapore with a network across Asia Pacific including a fully owned 15-year old business in China.

Cegos Asia Pacific offers a unique, more inclusive approach that provides a multilingual, cross-cultural, one-stop shop. By aligning training with corporate goals while cultivating a strong local flavour for the target country, we facilitate the flexible context-appropriate training that global companies need; delivered in any format be it face- to-face, blended learning or standalone eLearning.

Our mantra “Think Global, Learn Local” ensures that we constantly adapt our approach, creating solutions that suit the diversity of APAC-specific locales while staying aligned with global organisational frameworks.