Global Learning by Cegos (GLC)

A full digital experience focused on practice, outcomes and human interactions

Organizations and learners have different expectations today than they did before the pandemic. Now, simple digital solutions with shorter duration are preferred, but with a significant amount of human interaction and support. Employees have been in remote work and they want engaging flexible solutions with human contact, with opportunities to share, practice and get feedback.

Our GLC program is perfect for that! GLC is a full digital experience focused on practice, outcomes and human interactions. This new generation of GLC is designed for the “new normal” and includes modern pedagogical strategies to make the learner feel guided, supported and engaged:

  • Around 75% of the GLC program is happening live, and only 25% with individual and self-directed work
  • Live interactions and simulations for successful cognitive and emotional engagement
  • A duration between 14 to 21 hours ( 2-3 days of training) with the 5E Cegos pedagogical approach: Explain,Experiment/Explore, and Enable/Embed.
  • Skills are developed with personalized simulations, feedback and on-the-job support: Every course is geared towards a practical outcome. Your learner is in the driving seat and can personalise the learning pathway by preparing case studies and simulations that fit their needs
  • Agnostic learning experience: Each program can be adapted to be launched in the Client LMS and with any standard virtual class tool. We recommend to host the program in Cegos LearningHub for a full learning experience.

Popular GLC topics:

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