How to succeed as a new manager


  • Taking on team leadership is a challenge that brings together various concerns or fears, but above all, various knowledge and skills that are needed at different times.
  • In this journey, you will follow a manger as she integrates and adapts into a new team, managing the various problems she faces to achieve results and keep the team motivated.  Key moments and fears are recounted in 13 short episodes that you can watch and give your opinion on.
  • The course emphasises and values reflection and coaching with immediate feedback, both in self-directed activities and in virtual or face-to-face classes.


  • Any manager taking on a new role or who has been in a role for less than a year
  • Professionals who have recently taken on a manager or leadership role in a new team or who, although experienced, want to refresh their skills


  • Understand the key challenges a new manager needs to tackle
  • Succeed in my FIRST STEPS in the job, with each employee, the team, and my own manager
  • Master MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS, in order to engage on an assignment, provide feedback or refocus
  • Adapt to different employee PROFILES: experts, newbies etc.
  • Manage PERFORMANCE, set objectives and make sure they are met


  • Pre and Post Self-assessments to personalize the programme and visualize progress
  • 10 hours of online instructor-led training and workshop activities with simulations and exercises
  • 4 hours of self-directed activities, based on 13 episodes of our “MyStory as a Manager”
  • Progress monitoring during the live sessions, through key behaviours coaching and skills as well as sharing reflections and discoveries.
  • Downloadable course workbook that includes post-course application guide for line managers and for participants


  • Access to a computer with a camera and internet connection, allowing participation in virtual classes

Description of the Learner’s Experience