#UP Skills Acquisition Collection

A series of digital programs that boost performance in the workplace

Soft skills are the skills of the future, immune to the impact of technology and artificial intelligence. Professionals who upskill now will be well equipped for the challenges ahead – helping themselves and their companies.

But how do you help professionals who are under increasing pressure to perform, yet have little time to upskill?

The #UP skills acquisition collection is the answer. A series of comprehensive programs that focus on practical, on-the-job development as a key part of the learning process.

#UP is an experience. Professionals acquire new skills through a mix of digital learning, one-to-one coaching, line manager support and a virtual workshop.

In many ways, the learner is in the driving seat. They have a clear objective from the beginning and choose their own learning pathway.

The concept of #UP delivers on the Cegos 4REAL promise:

  • Training is long-term and at the learner’s own pace
  • Learning is transferred directly to the workplace
  • All learning is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • Each course is customisable and personalised

Importantly, there is plenty of human interaction. Tutors guide the learner throughout the process, coaches provide advice, learners share experiences with their peers and line managers are guided to support the learner within the working environment.

The #UP collection is designed to be fast, engaging and effective. It is structured in such a way that organisations will soon see tangible and measurable improvements, both in team and individual performance.

Now available in 7 languages (US, FR, ES, DE, IT, PT, CN):



1. Keys to effective Project Management

  • Starting a new project
  • Organizing tasks and responsibilities of a project
  • Planning your project with agility
  • Risk Management
  • Preparing a steering committee

2. Project Manager Leadership

  • Giving positive and constructive feedback
  • Facilitate project team meetings
  • Influencing & persuading: getting people on your side
  • Getting the best out of negotiation

3. Take back control of your time

  • Planning your week to focus on your key priorities
  • Managing solicitations while preserving your priorities
  • Curing work overload

4. Day-to-day Negotiation

  • Preparing for negotiation
  • Getting the best out of negotiation
  • Managing tough negotiation situations
  • Handling objections

5. Effective Team working and Collaboration

  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Collaborate to achieve concrete and reliable results
  • Giving positive and constructive feedback
  • Creating and managing an effective action plan

Available in 2 languages (US & FR):

6. Creative Problem Solving & Decision making

  • Solving a problem in 3 steps
  • Creating and managing an effective action plan
  • Facilitating a brainstorming session
  • Effective decision making

7. Manage transformation in an agile way

  • Influencing & persuading : getting people on your side
  • Building and sharing a strong vision
  • Manage transformation with Test and Learn approach
  • Dealing with the different emotions caused by change

8. Creating and delivering powerful presentations

  • Creating compelling visuals for a successful presentation
  • Preparing and adapting your message for a successful presentation
  • Preparing yourself to get on stage
  • Handling difficult questions in meetings

9. Remote Management

  • Creating a successful remote team environment
  • Running effective virtual meetings
  • Communicating effectively with a remote team
  • Remote management: handling poor performing employees

10. Interpersonal communication excellence

  • Behave in an assertive way in relationships
  • Dealing with passive, aggressive or manipulative behaviours in others
  • Giving positive and constructive feedback

11. Influencing & persuasion

  • Influencing & persuading : getting people on your side
  • Effective questioning and listening
  • Manage transformation with Test and Learn approach
  • Handling objections

12. Manager coach

  • Analyze and reinforce 4 key coaching manager skills
  • Give a feedback as a manager
  • Onboarding a new employee
  • GROW to empower your team members

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