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A new manager is thrown into a world that is both exciting and complex and must face 4 major challenges:

1. Succeed in their new role, with each employee, the team, and their own manager.

2. Master critical conversations, which will allow them to engage or to hold their team members accountable.

3. Adapt to different employee profiles.

4. Manage performance, for example, direct the action and energy of their employees towards objectives that will create value for the organization.

... and all this in a VUCA context (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)!

How to integrate winning practices as early as possible, and avoid falling into the traps of this new position?

Our Solutions:

MyStory – Learn from the Experience of Your Peer!

MyStory is a series of immersive and interactive videos in 13 episodes. It features the first 100 days of Clara, a manager who is just starting out in her job!

Each self-contained video highlights a specific challenge any new manager might face.

Your managers will easily identify with each of Clara's difficulties and will want to know what happens to her afterwards. Consider Netflix for management training!

My Story

What your Managers will get:

MyStory – Activate the Best Learning Levers!

So good! MyStory – Another learning solution brought to you by Cegos!

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