Learning Bites

High impact, short timeframe

The pressures of work can be so relentless that even taking a lunch break can feel like a luxury, never mind taking two days out of the schedule for training.

Unlike a lunch break, training isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity if you want to keep your staff and your business ahead of the game. The trick is fitting it all in.

That’s why you should consider our range of short training courses.

Short but perfectly formed, each course varies between 90 minutes and three hours, and is delivered in a way that makes every minute count.

Cegos offer short courses on a range of subjects, including coaching, influencing skills, managing politics, time management and dealing with change. We can also design short courses around a topic of your choice.

No ice-breakers, no ‘down time’, no chats over coffee, we get straight to it. These short, punchy and effective courses will have a lasting impact, and are dynamic, fun, and packed with knowledge that your people can take straight back into the workplace.

For many modern businesses, it’s the perfect way to provide high-quality training in a fast and cost-effective way, with minimum disruption to everyday working life.

Contact us for more information on any of our short training courses.