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Sales training courses Singapore: unlock your team’s sales potential with effective sales training

Sales training courses in Singapore by Cegos

Sales Training - The key to successful sales involves listening as much as talking, alongside building a mutually beneficial relationship of trust between the people who buy and the people who sell.

At Cegos, we help your sales people improve their performance, their relationship with clients, and ultimately the performance of your business through comprehensive and holistic sales training in Singapore.

Based on this concept, we offer a variety of sales training programmes, all of which have one thing in common – they actually work, and we can prove it.

Cegos sales training transforms average salespeople into high-performing salespeople – the ones who hit their targets and increase your profits.

Sales training program focus

Our approach focuses on four key questions:

  • What do you and your customers want from your sales people?
  • What makes the difference between an average performer and a high performer, and how can that be shared?
  • How do you retain talent and keep developing them to deliver more?
  • What kind of relationship do you want with your key customers?

Sales training courses we offer

Our training courses include:

Our courses show salespeople how to build trust, respond to a customer’s hidden needs, use their passion and drive in presenting a deal, understand the motivation of your customers, and how to use all of these to close bigger and better deals.

Our courses also encompass SaaS sales training and sales pitch training so that your team is equipped to ace and close the deal in such specialised situations.

SaaS sales training

Translating technical jargons into easy-to-understand business language that decision makers can buy into is an acquired skill; one that is highly valuable when it comes to make a sale on your SaaS solutions or products.

Our sales training program will build your team up to effortlessly convey USPs of your SaaS solution that directly address your clients’ pain points without getting them all foggy on the technical intricacies.

Sales pitch training

Being able to sell effectively to a prospect during a pitching exercise can potentially break or make a company.

It is therefore extremely important that your team goes into any pitch meetings fully prepared, armed and ready to make an unchallengeable impression that makes you stand out from the competition and bag the deal.

Our sales training course will show you the secrets on how to be sniper-deadly with all your sales pitches.

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Cegos offer face-to-face sales training, e-learning, and blended courses – all of which can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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