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Leadership training in Singapore: Transformational Corporate Leadership Training and Development Courses

Leadership courses in Singapore by Cegos

Leadership training - Great leaders are inspiring, trusted, and deliver results. They use experience, skills and emotional intelligence to create a vision that others want to follow; building a culture for success throughout the entire business.

A successful leader takes initiative, instead of waiting for directions or following someone else’s lead.

If you identify people with leadership potential, our programmes give them valuable skills and experiences to transform into great leaders. All our trainers have held senior leadership positions themselves, so they know exactly what it takes to achieve this.

Cegos' Singapore Leadership Training programmes teach leaders to create strategies and inspire others through visionary communication. We support leaders to become more emotionally intelligent and understand how to build trust.

What is leadership training? 

Leadership training is the process of expanding an individual's capacity to perform various leadership roles that include but aren’t limited to execution of the organisation's strategy through alignment, winning mindsets, and growing others to success.

This is done through leadership courses or programmes specifically designed to help you acquire new leadership techniques and refine existing skillsets, including assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching, to better lead and run your team. 

Unlike management training which focuses on micromanaging tasks, the main focus of leadership training is to look at the bigger picture; create a vision, and then develop the necessary strategies to achieve it. 

Cegos leadership training courses: an overview

As a leading leadership training company in Singapore, we offer bespoke programmes are often built around a work-based project and include:

Psychometric assessments

A tool that helps us garner feedback about a person's potential for leadership. Eg:- the ability to cope with pressure, behavior within the team, and other traits.

Classroom training

Learn through interactive sessions with like-minded people.


For intensive one-on-one sessions.


Our leadership training courses can be accessed online for self-paced learning and revision anytime, anywhere.

Talks by subject matter experts

Our industry leaders are top-notch professionals that provide continuous support throughout the leadership training course.

Alternatively, we can offer one or two-day programmes that address specific needs, including the following topics:

Contact us if you want to know more about how our leadership programmes can bring real results to your business.

Why is this leadership developing training important?

From these leadership courses, you’ll uncover ways in which personal variations influence how people see leadership and then learn how to manage these perceptions as a leader. 

Leadership training for managers

The key thing to remember is that a manager shouldn’t just acquire skills that are currently essential but also acquire them because of the benefit they will bring presumably in the future based on today's trends. 

The leadership training courses at Cegos help managers in transforming their mindset into that of visionary leaders without being confined to their current scope of the job.

In the ever-evolving phases of a leader's life, it’s crucial to be equipped with the art of ‘adaptive leadership'. 

Why? Because all industries, work teams, and organisations follow separate work cultures which means a new set of challenges awaits the leadership personnel every step of the way, and they need all the skillsets they need to navigate the business terrain of the future.

Measuring leadership effectiveness

Leaders are always looked upon as role models, catalysts of change, and accountability holders by their subordinates. And a 2008 study conducted by the Singapore Public Service concluded in agreement with the above mentioned, 53% of interviewees stated that they felt their bosses and superiors had a lasting impact on them. Cegos trainers employ proven strategies and methodologies to train managers into aspiring and confident leaders of tomorrow.

A manager's leadership effectiveness can be measured by assessing his group's performance and the extent to which they can achieve the given target. This serves as a strong indicator in proving the leader’s ability to influence his subordinates into achieving success.

5 levels of leadership training and development 

These phases of leadership have been cleverly categorised by John Maxwell and at Cegos we utilise these to analyze the level of leadership for your managers' in order to customize a training program that’s in alignment with the needs of your organisation.

The interesting fact however is that all levels aren’t separate but that every level adds up as a prerequisite for the next until the leader has mastered all the 5 levels of leadership.

Level 1: Entry Level/ Lowest Level

A starting point for newly hired managers which serves as a gold mine for potential leaders to learn and explore their growth potential. But a level that doesn’t involve the art of influencing others.

Level 2: Permission level/ Building Relationship

Before you can start to influence or persuade others you first need to gain their trust and permission. How? Our leadership trainers will share their tried and trusted techniques that can enable you to spark a conversation even with perfect strangers favoring you to build solid and long-lasting relationships.

Level 3: Production Level/ The motivators

This level is all about delivering, and more than the permission people will start to notice you and follow you because of your track record. At this level the results you fetch will establish your persona as someone who ‘gets things done', and as a leader carries the capacity to convert problems into solutions.

Level 4: Reproduction Level/ People development

What’s the point in being skilled when you can’t transfer them to other people. This level talks about prioritizing the task to invest your time in training and developing others to become another reproduction of your leadership style. And if you consistently work hard to help other leaders grow, then you’ll surely be able to reap the benefits of the next level to come.

Level 5: Pinnacle!/ Highest Level

It’s a point of self-actualisation, and the leader who reaches this stage has successfully utilised all his potential, knowledge, and expertise to his benefit and others. This stage is all about creating a legacy and creating opportunities other leaders won’t. It is perhaps the most difficult to attain trait of leadership as it puts your lifetime of expertise to the test.

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What our clients say about our leadership training program…

“We are happy to partner with Cegos as our preferred international supplier for Learning and Development across Europe. Our aim is to ensure a global message across geographies with a common reference and corporate content. We are jointly offering premium quality programmes to our delegates and obtaining excellent satisfaction results, working in various modalities in local language. We have succeeded to consolidate a structured open catalogue offering to all our employees, and also ad hoc content to specific populations in order to respond to all needs and opportunities of our business.”

(Susana Simões, Director Learning and Development.)

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