Learning Bites – Emotional Intelligence

We all have emotional intelligence – it is often taken for granted that our way of being/reacting and emoting is established, part of who are and unlikely to change significantly. Training in EI borrows from psychology and strong research and gives the delegate an opportunity to make behavioural adjustments based on insights, both minor and profound. EI as a subject within organisations has emerged as increasingly relevant when related to team working, leadership and personal effectiveness.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this bite are to help participants:

  • Explore the business case for using emotions intelligently in business
  • Begin to understand and demonstrate the main components of EI in business
  • Use an emotional competence framework
  • Reflect on how to recognise and appreciate self-expression in others

We consider left and right brain in relationship to EQ, IQ and EQ differences and review the motivational value system, as distinct from attitudes and behaviours. We explore the filters used to interpret what we see, hear and feel, and review the skills required for managing ourselves – self-awareness, self regulation, motivation, social competence, empathy and social skills. Participants have the opportunity to practise the key communication skills of questioning and listening to raise coachee self-awareness and generate ownership and responsibility.

Additional eLearning

Available e-Learning modules to create a blended learning programme for delegates:

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