Learning Bites – Delegation

There are plenty of reasons why managers don’t delegate. Some are perfectionists who feel it’s easier to do everything themselves, or that their work is better than others. Some believe that passing on work will detract from their own importance, while others lack self-confidence and don’t want to be upstaged by their employees. But accepting that you can’t do everything yourself is a critical first step to delegating.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this bite are to help participants:

  • Assess your own attitude to delegation, current practice and skills
  • Learn how to approach delegation
  • Use a framework to delegate responsibility to others
  • Produce a delegation plan to use after the workshop

We devote time to answering the big delegation questions – why, when, who, what and how; and our systematic approach covers each in turn. We assess why delegation is so important for managers, employees and the organisation.  We help recognise when delegation should happen and for whom. We explore what aspects of a manager’s role can be delegated to others and provide a framework that aims to ensure the results achieved are those expected.

Additional eLearning

Available e-Learning module to create a blended learning programme for delegates

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