Learning Bites – Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness starts by recognising that we sit at the centre of our universe and this represents the ‘norm’. As we move out of our comfort zone we begin to encounter difference and this grows the more we are exposed to other cultures in today’s fast moving world.

We need to be aware of this dynamic, the impact it has on our perceptions, and how we should welcome and harness these differences to encourage better understanding and collaboration.

The great thing about discovering other cultures is that as you move further out you can look back at and learn about yourself.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To increase your cultural sensitivity
  • To give you the tools to work successfully across cultures
  • To learn more about your own culture

The course is structured around six big cultural theories from internationally recognized experts who are consistently referenced when cultural awareness is discussed. These are explained, examples given and brief case studies provided to enable delegates to translate the theory into ‘real world’ practice. People with different cultural influences may well behave and act differently, problems arise when we are unable to be flexible and don’t try and understand what those differences represent.

Additional eLearning

Available e-learning modules to create a blended learning programme:

Learning Bites


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