Learning Bites – Collaboration

With organisations moving more and more from the traditional hierarchical structure to a more fluid, matrix-based approach, the ability to influence stakeholders and work with others outside of the business unit is becoming a core skill of the project manager. The achievement of an individual’s goals and targets requires the cooperation and collaboration of many different contributors and managing this network and the diversity within it requires the manager to demonstrate flexibility and dexterity to secure the requisite support.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this bite are to help participants:

  • Build awareness of their approach to encouraging collaboration with others
  • Create a cooperative culture through the principle of reciprocity
  • Manage adversity and confrontation

Using Eric Berne’s Parent-Child and Life Positions models, participants consider how their own attitude and approach influence other’s motivations to collaborate with them. We review the principle of reciprocity in stimulating cooperation and apply the six elements of a cooperative attitude. Finally, to help overcome obstacles and opposition, we discuss the sources and stages of conflict and the actions an individual can take to recognise and address them.

Additional eLearning

Available e-Learning modules to create a blended learning programme for delegates:

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