Master Classes – Project Management Fundamentals

A project is, first and foremost, an endeavour within a company. It calls upon the ability of its initiators to envision the future and outline the end result of the project despite the fact that preliminary work may not have been done. Every project is unique.

The objective of project management is to create the project end result within the constraints of time, cost and performance. Project management involves cross-functional operations within the company. It defines the pace of the project and provides a framework for validation. Effective project teamwork is essential to success

Course Description

This programme helps those who are new to project management to understand the basics of managing projects and the importance of good teamwork. It addresses four specific aspects of the fundamentals of project management.

Firstly, it will help you to define the end goal and work out a plan to achieve it.  Secondly, it will introduce you to methods designed to create and maintain momentum, to ensure delivery within your defined timescale.  Thirdly, it will improve your ability to promote effective teamwork and ensure buy-in from project teams.   Finally, it will provide you with the tools and techniques to ensure the project stays on target and on schedule.

Course Objectives

  • Define the direction and end result of a project
  • Set and maintain the pace towards the end goal
  • Use a range of skills to motivate a project team towards a successful conclusion
  • Employ appropriate strategies to ensure your project stays on course and on time

Master Classes


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