Master Classes – Problem Solving Strategies

As new and more complex business challenges become more widespread, everyone in the organisation is undertaking the duty and responsibility of solving workplace problems. Many companies are facing stronger competition, increased customer expectations and more aggressive delivery deadlines – all against a backdrop that tolerates significantly less room for error. Each of these developments requires individuals to tackle problems and develop solutions more proficiently and more rapidly.

Course Description

This workshop introduces a creative and practical problem-solving process that harnesses the combined talents and experience of a group of individuals to work together to decide on the best possible solutions to complex issues. A 10-step process is applied to specific work-based problems, from problem recognition, causal analysis and creating solutions through to best practice in action planning, implementation and reviewing the outcome.

Course Objectives

  • Define a problem clearly in the form of an objective
  • Employ creative and practical tools to identify the real source of a problem
  • Use problem-solving techniques to reach creative and logical solutions
  • Recognise the value of teamwork in problem solving and decision making
  • Reduce problem-solving time and enhance the quality of solutions

Master Classes


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