Master Classes – Presenting Virtually

Presenting virtually is quickly becoming a regular way to deliver presentations, proposals, pitches, and other information to virtual audiences, sometimes around the world. Whilst presenting in this way has benefits, there are a number of associated challenges; from mind-numbing powerpoint to monotone voices, no wonder audiences feel it okay to multi-task, e.g. by reading and answering email during your delivery.

The aim of a virtual presentation is no different to presenting face-to- face; you want your audience to do something as a result of your interaction with them – to get your message through even though you’re not physically with them. Our experience suggests that the transition to presenting virtually does not come naturally to many. It is not just learning how to master the technology, it’s also about communicating with impact when using it.

Course Description

This programme draws on our expertise in delivering virtual classroom training.

You’ll start with the end in mind – what do your presentation to achieve and what action(s) do you want your audience to take when you have finished. This will lead you to creating a storyboard, mapping out the core elements of your message.

Then we will focus on building your content and script your message. Your voice is possibly your most powerful tool at your disposal when presenting virtually, so you will develop strategies drawn from the world of television and radio that will assist in informing and directing your performance and delivery. This will increase your personal impact to contribute towards making a distinct and lasting impression on your audience.

Course Objectives

  • Understand and control your virtual technology
  • Give your virtual presentations greater impact
  • Structure your message
  • Be creative in building interactivity for audience participation

Master Classes


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