Master Classes – Planning For Results

Managing time in the workplace can be difficult and, at times, it can feel as if it is impossible to avoid being controlled by the demands of others and the events happening around you. These difficulties are compounded when you consider different cultural expectations, flexible working and the concept of the virtual workforce. However, it is possible to regain control, and to manage your time effectively. The key is to recognise the problems that need to be addressed, and to take appropriate action to solve these problems.

Course Description

A workshop for those who need to be able to apply techniques for the management of personal tasks and workload in a busy office environment. This course gives an insight into the principles of successful management of a diverse and challenging workload and highlights how time is spent at work, whether you are ‘proactive’ or ‘reactive’ managers of your time, and introduces you to techniques for maximising results through focusing on outcomes.

Course Objectives

  • Manage your time strategically
  • Be proactive by focusing on the essential, dealing with priorities and ranking the urgent
  • Maintain your focus on measurable outputs, against targets and deadlines
  • Work efficiently in multi-cultural and global environments
  • Improve techniques for effective planning, organisation and results orientation

Master Classes


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