Master Classes – Communicating for Impact

Communicating for Impact

Modern organisational methods place a great deal of importance on co-operation between different multi-disciplinary and sometimes multi-cultural members of staff.

Each individual is called on to exert their influence over their personal network to obtain high-level results in an environment that is changing, uncertain and sometimes considered as illogical.

As such, effective communication between employees becomes essential in order to build and maintain successful relationships, for the benefit of individuals and the organisation.

Course Description

To meet these challenges, Interpersonal Excellence offers you an opportunity to develop your skills in three specific ways.

Firstly, you will enhance your own understanding of you as a person – defining your personal qualities and characteristics, your strengths and weaknesses and your values.  Knowing yourself better is the first step to understanding others.

Secondly, you will improve your ability to communicate by focusing on becoming clearer and more open when talking with others, leveraging the power of non-verbal communication and becoming a more effective listener.

Thirdly, using strategies to foster better co-operation between individuals, you will be able to encourage deeper relationships and a sense of esprit de corps.

Course Objectives

  • Use the three pillars of interpersonal excellence
  • Know yourself better, to communicate more effectively
  • Communicate effectively and openly
  • Build a winning co-operation strategy

Master Classes


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