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Blended Learning Programme

Customer ExcellenceBusiness Need

The company has a commitment to providing outstanding customer service, appreciating its critical role in a highly competitive market. Good relationships with customers are key to client loyalty, profitability and image.  They are also important in more practical ways, such as effectively sharing information related to safety or business. Cegos was asked to devise a customer excellence course that would support the company’s Commercial and Customer Support divisions in their drive to raise professionalism in their customer-facing team.


The training needed to support the manufacturer’s underlying ethos of high levels of customer service, and also incorporate the very best examples of ways other businesses and sectors build customer relationships. Working closely with the client, Cegos responded with a blended learning customer excellence course that combined e-learning and face-to-face training, providing simple and easily remembered tools that the delegates could use in their working life.  More than 1000 people took part, from eight countries – with tailored e-learning modules customised to different teams’ work and roles. The course was supported by the client in several key ways – creating a ‘buzz’ around the training in advance, instigating mandatory attendance in some areas of the business, and collaborating with internal Subject Experts to ensure both high quality and relevance.


The training triggered a real step-change in the attitude of staff – embedding in them the value of excellent customer relations, and supporting them with the tools they needed to provide it. Two levels of the programme were rolled out – awareness and understanding, followed by building competency – ensuring that staff were not only equipped with the theory, but with real life skills to put it into practice. All levels of the business were involved – from director to intern – which also enhanced cross-company communications, allowing all to share their experiences, to learn from each other, and to develop superior customer relationship skills. The addition of the customised e-learning ensured that each participant felt the course was relevant to them, providing a solid foundation for their training on wider issues.