4REAL - Discover a new generation of blended learning

Every business faces challenges that affect the way they train and develop their staff: time, cost and the need for flexibility being right up there on the list.Cegos has worked with thousands of businesses all around the world, and has developed its own effective approach to blended learning – giving you the maximum results with minimum fuss.Watch the video and see how Cegos' corporate training solution integrates on the job application of  lessons learned throughout the programme. With 90% of managers reporting their employee's are using what they have learned in training, company's are seeing immediately visible results in the workplace.

A new generation of blended learning

https://youtu.be/9tXRkE2EGysCegos has been researching, designing, and rolling out fully blended learning solutions for over 20 years. Read more on our blended programmes here, or get in touch to see how Cegos can support your business with our tried and tested 4REAL training model.