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Cooperate remotely

In this time of emergency,  remote work has become a necessity  for the whole country. This does not only mean understanding how smart working works , but also understanding the basics of Remote Collaboration , to collaborate daily with colleagues and managers .

Remote Collaboration: what is it?

With Remote Collaboration is the ability to  eliminate the geographical position limits  and  develop team spirit  among team members across the organization, regardless of place of work.

But is it really possible to team up when we don't have the opportunity to meet daily, discuss projects, deepen mutual knowledge?

Together we will explore the  essentials for effective remote collaboration . We will deepen the aspect of  trust , a key element of good  cooperation  between colleagues who do not share a common physical space. We will discuss advantages  and critical issues , giving space to your personal experiences, and then exploring the  digital tools  that can facilitate a direct and immediate relationship, albeit remotely.


Thursday  19 March 2020 , 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Speaker name  -  Senior Consultant Cegos APAC

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