Cegos Webinar Series

As we hurtle into a future which we need to disrupt or be disrupted, the workplace has been experiencing the reality of a changing economy. Skill management of talent has become a critical survival factor for organisations.

A Future of Soft Skills

A skills revolution is underway due to the changing world of work. In its "Future of the Workplace" report published in 2018, McKinsey estimates that by 2030, demand for social and emotional skills (Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurial skills) will increase by 24%. There is also increasing demand for highly cognitive abilities (such as Creativity or complex information processing). The same trend is observed in World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs report as well.

All these point to the importance of Soft Skills - a set of interpersonal, situational and emotional abilities that help the company and its people cope with the complexity and unpredictability of the world around them.
Continuous development of these skills will be essential as a key employability asset.

In our webinar episodes, we will dive into the key skill areas for the future to understand why they will be decisive factors in employability. Every week, we will be inviting guest speakers on the panel who will talk about examples of soft skills in their organisations and why they are a major competitiveness driver.

So, get ready to join us in this exciting journey to future-proof ourselves through learning!


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