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The pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of adaptibility and continual learning to ensure employees are equiped to take on changing job demands. A recent article by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reaffirmed this, reporting a significant increase in online learning by working professionals. Much of the training that had started as face-to-face in classroom environments has been pursued online.

Challenges of delivering traditional work-based learning online

In a world where everything is done remotely, trainers are faced with the additional challenge of delivering effective and quality training without being physically with the learners.

If your clients or prospects are looking for online training:

  • To cater to employees in multiple locations
  • That is economical and effectively proven
  • Where learner engagement and course content are not compromised
  • By trainers recognised for their virtual delivery expertise

Cegos Asia Pacific can help you get there!

This Virtual Training will help you:

1. Become Internationally Accredited as a Certified Virtual Classroom Facilitator

2. Gain Regional Virtual Classroom Training opportunities with Cegos Asia Pacific

3. Licensed to offer ready Virtual Learning Corporate Solutions

Certification Timeline

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