Upskilling for Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is the new agile way of working, alternating between working in the office and remotely.
According to research from Economist Impact on hybrid working models, individual wellbeing and new technologies that allow for time and location flexibility are among the top trends. Over 75% of respondents believe hybrid work will be standard practice within their organizations in the three years since the survey was conducted in 2021. However, hybrid working has some serious pitfalls that need addressing if the model is to be sustainable and successful in the long term.

How can we cover the gap in this new reality?
Developing specific skills for executives, managers and entire teams has become strategic.
But company executives have, in some cases, become roadblocks to rapid change.
In his book “Upskilling, 10 golden rules for people who learn fast”, PwC Consulting Associate Frédéric Petitbon (et al.) defines “upskilling” as the global approach of a company seeking to anticipate the obsolescence of skills through the development of continuous learning.
Other than rapidly accelerating learning in the company, upskilling contributes to social responsibility as it helps people preserve jobs and capitalise on the corporate culture and the skills of those already there. Upskilling has been key to the rapid transformation of new ways of working since the Covid-19 pandemic.

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