The Cegos Innovation Handbook 2018


Your free guide to managing change the innovative way



The average organisation has experienced five enterprise changes over the last three years. With more change to come, managers must juggle the demands of today’s workplace while having one eye on the future. It’s a difficult task, for sure.

But too much change comes with its fair share of problems – employee stress and fatigue, reduced productivity and lack of a clear direction are just some of the results of poor change management.

That’s why Cegos have produced a valuable free resource for change managers – the Innovation Handbook – to help you overcome these obstacles. We look at how to introduce change using the very latest learning and development research. The handbook will also encourage an innovation mindset and help you become more courageous and wiser in your decision making.

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The Innovation Handbookis packed full of the latest research and thinking from business leaders across the globe. You’ll get plenty of advice on everything from strategy planning to how to facilitate change with a creative learning programme.

Specifically, we answer 6 pressing questions facing today’s change managers:

1. Is change management still relevant to transformation projects?
2. Workplace adaptation: will “performance support” replace “traditional training”?
3. Should we move from pedagogical engineering to experience engineering?
4.To what extent can platforms personalise and improve the learner experience?
5. What will the next generation of training videos look like?
6. How do you successfully transition to virtual classroom 2.0?

So, download your copy today, relax and get ready to be inspired. If you’re motivated to do more, get in touch for a chat about how Cegos can help bring innovation and change to your organisation.