Rosaline Chow Koo

Founder & CEO of CXA Group



Introducing our Closing Keynote speaker,
Rosaline Chow Koo

To some of us Rosaline will need no introduction; she epitomises our theme for this event. Rosaline has been pioneering Brave New Ways of working since the ‘90s, through the .com era of boom and bust and into the naughties and now, right up to her current Brave adventure with her expanding start-up, CXA Group. To say that Rosaline never slows down is an understatement!

We are delighted to welcome Rosaline to share her incredible story with us all and get under the skin of what it takes to be brave and win when faced with opportunity, challenge, early successes, roadblocks, starting over and much more.  It’s not easy, even when success lands. The challenge is to keep it going.

In the current times of disruption and the need to transform our businesses into agile, competitive organisations fit for the future, Rosaline’s experiences and insights will undoubtedly give everyone a boost to take ownership and get to action - particularly as we close our Brave New Ways event with such an impressive and passionate business leader.  Read more about Rosaline below!

Many thanks to Rosaline from all of us at Cegos Asia Pacific and behalf of our guests for the day.

Frustrated by the lack of technology to address client pain points of escalating costs due to worsening employee health, Rosaline invested all her family’s savings of $5M and borrowed another $5M to build her start-up, CXA. As the APAC Leader of Mercer Marsh Benefits, she had grown the 14 APAC countries 800% over 8 years.

Since launching 4 years ago, CXA has acquired Singapore's largest broker, won 550 corporate clients and awards in HR, healthcare, insurance and entrepreneurship. Now CXA is valued at $100M after raising $33M to expand across Asia.

Rosaline supervised P&G factory lines in Iowa before working for Bankers Trust in New York. Rosaline launched two tech start-ups in Asia during the dot-com boom, before moving to ACE Insurance to lead alternative distribution channels. Rosaline graduated from UCLA with a Cybernetics degree and received an MBA from Columbia University.

About CXA Group

CXA Group is a technology startup founded in 2013 by industry veteran Rosaline Chow Koo. CXA brings evidence-based wellness into the workplace to improve employee health and control healthcare costs.

Prior to establishing CXA, Rosaline led Mercer Marsh Benefits, the largest employee benefits brokerage and HR benefits consultancy in Asia Pacific, overseeing a 14-country operation with over 400 staff and growing the business eight-fold during her eight-year tenure.

Clearly seeing the benefits that technology could bring to the workplace in Asia, where chronic disease is hitting 10 years before the West, Rosaline tried to persuade her employer to invest here. After five years of failed attempts, she left to build the CXA platform on her own.

Convinced that the antiquated paper-based industry was ripe for disruption, Rosaline invested her entire life savings of $5 million, and borrowed $5 million more, to found CXA. She recruited a world-class team to build Asia’s first benefits and wellness marketplace platform and acquired Singapore’s largest homegrown employee benefits brokerage.

Out of her living room, the pioneering team worked closely with senior HR practitioners to understand their needs and test prototypes to address major unresolved HR pain points: escalating health care costs due to worsening employee health, unappreciated benefits, burdensome HR administration and the lack of ROI to justify wellness interventions. CXA launched with three Fortune 500 clients from the financial services, manufacturing and technology industries. Within a year, twenty additional Fortune 500 companies were using the platform and CXA raised $8M in institutional funding.

Employers use the CXA platform to consolidate their vendors into a one-stop marketplace, and to digitize claims, health data and payment flows between employees, employers, insurers and providers. Instead of purely offering advice, CXA delivers solutions to companies by using data to make targeted recommendations, and by bringing the best wellness and disease management providers.

With another capital injection of $25 million in 2017, CXA will be expanding its operations across China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea.

CXA is starting 2017 on a very exciting note with recognition for innovation from the healthcare, insurance, and HR communities.

Today, CXA has grown into a $100 million company working with employers to transform current healthcare spending from treatment into benefits and wellness programs where employees in Asia choose their path to good health.