Effective project teamwork

Taking care of your team

Cegos offers several project management courses. It’s a wide-ranging role, so we offer a wide range of ways to learn.

Effective Project Teamwork is one of our leading programmes – aimed at team managers and members, as well as newly-appointed or occasional project managers.

The course will help participants:

  • Identify key stages of a project
  • Understand the constraints
  • Maintain commitment and motivation
  • Make routine analysis and anticipate issues

Managers will learn how to set up project schedules, work effectively as part of a project team, understand cost and risk management – and ultimately, steer a project to a successful conclusion.

For the individual, the benefits include skills development, increased confidence, and the ability to handle many projects, along with the inevitable unexpected problems that happen from time to time.

For a business, project management training leads to increased productivity, and helps staff achieve objectives, rationalise costs, and ensure buy-in from across the organisation.

Projects may differ, but the core skills will remain useful well into the future.

Contact us for more details on how we can help empower your project managers to do their job more effectively.