Change and Resilience

Deal effectively with the new and unexpected

In the fast-moving business world, change is inevitable and can affect people in different ways, both practically and emotionally.

Ensuring that managers and employees are ready for change, understand it, and are equipped to deal with it, brings countless benefits to the workplace as well as boosts morale.

We offer two versions of our bite-sized Change and Resilience workshop – one aimed at managers, the other at employees – both lasting between two and three hours.

Ideal for time-stretched professionals, the courses enable delegates to:

  • Understand the emotional impact of change
  • Take time away from the workplace to discuss how change might affect them and their colleagues
  • Discover tools and techniques to help them build resilience, and help others do the same
  • Develop their understanding of the way people communicate
  • Recognise the ‘change curve’, and the way people react to it
  • Create personal actions to support themselves and colleagues through change

For employees, the course will help prepare them for change, show them ways to cope with it, and reassure them that you care about their position.

The Change and Resilience courses for managers include enhanced skills training, allowing them to deal with change and manage it within their teams.

Contact us to find out more about this course, and how we can help your staff deal with change effectively.