Being Strategic

Create strategies that build and inspire

Identifying leadership potential is only one part of creating a leader. The rest involves supporting them to realise that potential, building on their talents and providing them with the tools and techniques they need to lead, inspire and bring about positive change.

That’s where our Being Strategic course comes in. Over two ‘classroom’ days, plus optional e-learning support, individuals will be educated, nurtured, challenged and supported.

Led by experienced leaders, the course allows participants to:

  • Identify their own skills, strengths and experience, and use them to support the business at a strategic level
  • See themselves as a leader by exploring their personal impact on the business
  • Examine different leadership models and styles, as well as their practical uses
  • Understand the key differences between managing and leading

Being Strategic helps your new leader cultivate real-life strategies and techniques that apply to the workplace, building on innate emotional intelligence and experience to develop powerful leadership qualities.

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