GLC8541: Communicating for Impact


  • The aim of this session is to enable the participants to learn a variety of skills associated with effective communication. 
  • It focuses on the participants and leads them to uncover their personal style before applying it to specific interactive skills that will help them evolve into a better communicator. 
  • The course places great value on establishing and maintaining strong relationships and handling several types of communication pressures.


  • Communicating with Impact is a mix of fundamental skills needed for both our professional and personal life. If you want to communicate effectively and honestly, then this session will provide you with the right tools and techniques.
  • Individual contributors, team leaders, supervisors...


  • Find out about your existing communication style so that you can use and adapt it to communicate more effectively
  • Use open and assertive communication
  • How to influence others more positively and effectively
  • Strategically manage difficult conversations and offer productive feedback.


  • Pre and Post Self-assessment to personalize the program and visualize progress
  • +9h of online instructor-led training and workshop activity with simulations and exercises
  • +4h of individual work to further explore concepts and prepare case studies for practicing
  • An assertiveness assessment and life position questionnaire to understand communication styles and positions
  • Downloadable course workbook that includes post-course application guide for line managers and for participants


  • Access to a computer with a camera and internet connection, allowing participation in virtual classes

Description of the Learner’s Experience