Finance for non financial managers

Getting to grips with finance

Numbers. Love them or hate them – you can’t live without them. They provide the building blocks for your business, and form the bottom line that measures success or failure.

There will always be those who pale at the sight of a spreadsheet, or quake at the thought of a tax return – but in the workplace, understanding and managing finance can be an invaluable asset.

Having a thorough understanding of the way finance works within your organisation, and the economic climate in which it operates, is vital.  And the good news is you don’t need an accountancy qualification to get it.

Our Finance for Non-Financial Professionals course offers a speedy and effective way to help key employees get to grips with the financial elements of your business.

Aimed at managers, technicians and supervisors, it will allow them to understand how finances work – and what their contribution can be. Even those with no financial experience at all beyond balancing their household budgets will get a thorough overview – in record time.

We can offer this one-day face-to-face training course with optional e-learning modules and assessments before and after – to help make sure that all the lessons taught have been completely understood. By the end of the training, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand economic terms
  • Use those terms to see the underlying issues within the business
  • Appreciate their company’s strategic decisions
  • Grasp the contribution of their own role or team, as well as that of others
  • Read and understand balance sheets
  • Evaluate and analyse corporate financial data

If you want to be able to count on your staff to have the financial knowledge and understanding they need – then get in touch to find out more.