8516: Influencing and Persuasion

Convincing your Customers


  • Learn new sustainable, ethical methods for persuading customers
  • Develop customer-focused attitudes and behaviour patterns to build loyalty
  • Build self-confidence and your personal resources

Target audience

  • Sales executives
  • Anyone who needs to present a case to a customer


  • Previous experience in sales

On-the-job benefits

  • Greater self-assurance in business dealings
  • Greater efficiency in delicate business situations
  • Greater self-confidence

Benefits for the company

  • Higher sales and margins
  • More customer trust
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • A modern corporate image (in part based on its ethical approach to business)
  • Dedicated teams embracing meaningful, shared values


The learning journey is implemented on LearningHub@Cegos and the content is accessible for 12 months.


Two 30 minutes e-learning modules

1. The art of persuading through listening

  • Incorporating the five stages of persuasion into your arguments.
  • Using the benefits of listening to help you persuade others.
  • Reassuring your customer that he is being listened to and understood.
  • Mastering the power of questioning to encourage the customer to think in a more mature way.
  • Reinforcing your argument with active listening.

2. Convincing customers with a winning offer

  • Identifying the factors involved in your customer’s act of buying.
  • Adapting your offer and your arguments to cement your credibility.
  • Using comparative arguments in an ethical way to convince your customer when faced with an offer from a competitor.
  • Structuring your offer in a way that convinces effectively.

2 face to-face

Letting participants exchange work experience and industry information, helping them transfer the skills to performance.

2 days classroom training

1. An ethical approach to convincing and persuading

  • Convincing and persuading: two complementary sales approaches
  • Five keys to persuasion: listening, sales techniques, speaking skills, emotional sincerity and self-confidence
  • Five steps to customer decision-making

2. Make listening your prime lever for convincing

  • Using the SAFI method to uncover needs and generate desire for change
  • Active listening techniques: empathy and rephrasing

3. Winning over customers with winning offers

  • Building a winning offer: comparative argumentation
  • Taking the customer’s environment and personal stakes into account
  • Adapting to the decision-making group

4. Using your speaking skills to promote your offer

  • Using communication techniques to give your presentation more punch
  • Influencing without manipulating
  • Using your body and voice for greater impact
  • Making an effective presentation to adjudicators

5. Nurturing a genuine bond with the customer

  • The importance of emotions in the decision process: the emotional curve
  • Putting the customer’s negative emotions into words
  • Expressing your own negative emotions, using the FRANC method

6. Developing self-confidence

  • Building up your positive beliefs
  • Emotional rebalancing
  • Reframing the stakes

3 reinforce

Personalization: Choose 1 out 4 modules

Four 30 minutes e-learning modules

1. Discover the hidden world of your buyer

  • Professional and personal motivations of buyers.
  • Asking the right questions.
  • Building a closer relationship with buyers.
  • Active listening to understand buyers better.

2. Presenting your offer with passion

  • Understanding buyer needs.
  • Adapting proposals to buyer needs.
  • Developing your argument by adapting your interpersonal communication.

3. Steering the way to mutual agreement

  • The true meaning of objections.
  • Responding to buyer questions and objections.
  • Helping buyers make a decision.

4. Building sustainable shared success

  • Integrating buyer motivations.
  • Implementing the solution together with your buyer.
  • Best practices in relationship follow-up.

Decide what you will implement and post assessment

What our clients say about us – RICS

As a leading global provider of e-learning content, with a real understanding of our business, Cegos were a natural choice of supplier to partner with to populate our in-house Learning Management System (LMS) and grow our online CPD offering.

Pierpaolo Franco

Global Director of Training Products, RICS

What our clients say about us – Total

At Cegos, we found all the skills necessary to design this bespoke training module. The Cegos team demonstrated strong engagement, professionalism and availability to make the project a complete success.

Patrick Antoine

Manager, Total Digital Academy

What our clients say about us – Nissan

We chose Cegos for its ability to provide guidance and support on aspects other than training expertise. This team of motivated, responsive professionals was able to satisfy our request for greater participant engagement and attentiveness, using a fun but effective approach to training.

Nadine Vienne

Section Manager Network Training and Sales Method, Nissan

What our clients say about us – Hutchinson

We decided to set up the Purchasing University to build our function's professional skills and develop a common set of standards and tools. We chose Cegos to be our partner in this initiative, which gives us the added advantage of being able to design new training modules to meet the demands of a fast-moving international market.

Pascale Garois

Hutchinson Group

What our clients say about us – Sun Chemical

Working in partnership with Cegos allowed us to bring about a real change in attitude to value selling across the group. The training they provided was a real eye-opener for many of the staff, and supported a company wide drive to build better long-term customer relationships.

Mark Frost

Commercial Director, Sun Chemical

What our clients say about us – Berendsen

We had already put in place LEAD Development Centres for our senior leader group, and it was very important to introduce Centres that would work for our large population of Plant Managers across Europe. Cegos have been excellent partners in helping us get the design right, and then in the delivery of lively, action learning based programmes. I have greatly enjoyed seeing our managers have ‘light bulb’ moments!

Chris Thrush

Berendsen Group Director, Human Resources

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