Neil Stoneham

About the facilitator

Neil Stoneham is a copywriter and trainer with a huge amount of experience, both in his native UK and overseas, particularly within South East Asia. As well as being a high school teacher in his past life, Neil is a published journalist, with articles published in the Bangkok Post (Thailand’s premier English language daily), The Weekly Telegraph and many more.

These days, Neil runs Voxtree – an international communications consultancy – and advises businesses on how to improve their communications to engage more clients. Part of this involves training people to write and present with more confidence, and he has worked with a variety of companies, from SMEs to corporates, including those as diverse as Royal Bank of Scotland, Shell and Hard Rock.

Neil believes that, with so much dependency on the Internet, good communication is an essential skill in the modern age – the ability to write and speak well gives you the edge when it comes to doing everything from winning over customers to negotiating a tough deal. As such, he loves to inspire people to boost their communication skills, so they can be more productive, more successful and ultimately happier in their work.