Sales and Sales Management training for 500+ people across Asia.

Exported to Europe, Africa and America 2015 and onwards.
Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM)

“From my personal experience, Cegos trainers are terrifically engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring Master Facilitators and Sales Coaches. The proposed approach to personalizing sales, business development and relationship building activities paired with the easy-to-digest and contemporary, practical and highly workable solutions, has resonated well with our sales teams whose success is reliant on establishing trust with their clients and future business partners”

- Simon Poh, Managing Director Hitachi Construction & Machinery Asia Pacific


  • HCM is a global leader in the area of construction machinery, (hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, off-road dump trucks ...) HCM wanted to boost sales skills across their Dealer network, supported by upgraded sales management skills to keep the learning fresh back in the workplace and more rigorously manage and support performance.


  • To build up 2 highly customized blended programs :
  • “New Selling Essentials” for sales people, dealers, cross functional groups (4 day event) – both Parts and Machinery
  • “Sales Management Excellence” for sales directors and managers (3 day event)
  • including:
  • 180 / 360 assessment on Sales and management skills
  • eLearning modules
  • Executive Coaching for Hitachi identified “Talent”
  • To organize the rollout and deliver the programs in 5 languages across Asia Pacific including Japan, China, Northern Europe, Africa and America over 3 years


  • 500+ personnel are attending the training across the globe
  • High participants satisfaction rate: Net Promoter Score is currently 9.2
  • Smooth training deployment thanks to Cegos international project management & active support to training administration


  • Shift from product selling to solution selling
  • Sustainable sales performance improvement thanks effective transfer to the workplace supported by the sales managers
  • Aligned approach across borders


  • Active sponsorship by HCM CEO and APAC MD
  • Engaging pedagogy, best in class sales practice with highly customized contents:
  • “good mix of role play and theory”;
  • “many useful tools to support the sales and customer approach”;
  • “training content very relevant to HCM business”
  • Cegos think global learn local approach