Radically change the training approach and design a learning objects repository


“We built a real partnership with Cegos, which was one of the success factors in a project of strategic importance for Sanofi. It was also the first time Sanofi's L&D teams had worked with a single service provider for a project involving over 25,000 employees!

The initial phase was one of intense activity as we co-constructed the processes and templates, and laid the groundwork for large-scale deployment of the Learning Objects. This was a key step towards becoming faster and more efficient. After that, we operated on a continuous improvement basis, greatly helped by Cegos's attention to our feedback, the teams' constructive approach and the determination to work together to find solutions.”

- Françoise Calic, Training Project Management Head

In the Sanofi Group's Research and Development, clinical studies play a major role in evaluating a treatment before it is put on the market. To make sure that all of the entities running clinical studies use the same approach, Sanofi undertook a sweeping programme combining innovation and technology to cater for the changes under way in the business. Processes and tools around the world were simplified, standardised and optimised. Then 25,000 employees were given guidance and training in the changes.

Sanofi chose Cegos to advise its L&D teams and guide preparations for the international training programme. For three years, Cegos gave Sanofi support with:

Training advisory services and engineering: analysing, and providing learning resources suited to, the employees to be trained, the learning objectives, the content and the delivery of training workshops.

Constructing standardised design and production processes, and creating the graphic, educational and technical templates necessary for industrialising training tools.

Designing and producing a Learning Objects repository. These learning modules come in a variety of formats and durations, including classroom sequences, virtual classrooms, on-the-job skills transfer modules, e-learning modules and videos. Produced in collaboration with Sanofi's subject-matter experts and training project managers, these building blocks can be combined to form adjustable courses tailored to employees' roles and responsibilities.

This project helped bring about major changes in Sanofi's training approach by enabling it to industrialise the design and production of its Learning Objects and adopt a 70/20/10 approach so that they meet the line-of-business and operational requirements as closely as possible.


  • Designed and developed 150 e-learning modules, 20 classroom modules,
    20 virtual classrooms, 50 performance-enhancement resources (Job Aids).
  • Designed and ran a communication and training campaign on risk management.
  • 25,000 employees were trained.


  • Spirit of partnership and close collaboration between Sanofi and Cegos throughout the project.
  • Cegos's expertise in training, graphics and technology: e-learning, virtual classroom, classroom training,
    on-the-job modules.
  • Ability to immerse itself in a scientific environment and handle complex content.
  • Cegos's worldwide ability to conduct a large-scale, global project in English.