International Sales Training Programme

Note and Micra

international sales training programme

"We chose Cegos for its ability to provide guidance and support on aspects other than training expertise. ​This team of motivated, responsive professionals was able to satisfy our request for greater participant engagement and attentiveness, using a fun but effective approach to training."​

Nadine Vienne​, Section Manager Network Training and Sales Method

Business need

Nissan Europe is responsible for the manufacture, distribution, marketing and selling of Nissan vehicles in Europe. It employs around 12,500 people in Europe, and has a network of 3,200 dealers. The launch of two new NOTE & MICRA models inspired the creation of an innovative combined event and training programme to support sales.  This approach mitigated the risk of launching a new model, and equipped its team with the superior skills, knowledge and enthusiasm they needed to make the launch a success. The programme was designed for the Nissan Academy, and needed to reflect the company’s ‘Innovation and Excitement for Everyone’ ethos.


Innovation and partnership working were key to creating a unique event that combined effective training with a real sense of occasion. Cegos worked closely with Nissan stakeholders to develop a fresh approach to training – using its passion and professional skill to present an award-winning learning experience for the entire European Nissan dealer network.

Tasked with generating maximum engagement, the programme was based on e-learning modules and classroom training, enlivened by the use of iPad activities, challenges, games and online voting, delivered in partnership with a specialist digital event company. A special module was also developed to ‘Train the Trainers’.

The event itself involved transforming an entire exhibition park in Bratislava into a high-tech branded venue. 29 training sessions and workshops were delivered in 20 languages – a one-of-a-kind experience shared by 5,000 participants, including salespeople, service advisors and regional managers.

All of the events were highly interactive, creative and involving – ensuring extremely high levels of engagement.


Nissan had a clear idea of what their aims were – to deliver an international sales training programme that would inspire, enthuse and educate their team, supporting the launch of the two new models. They wanted it to be memorable and fun as well as effective. The end project not only won the Bronze Trophy for Sales Training, it also resulted in especially high levels of satisfaction with the course methods – 4.6 out of 5. The project also successfully highlighted the advantages of the new cars to the whole European team, making them genuinely believe in what they were selling.

Cegos was able to work with Nissan and other partners to provide a truly innovative approach – while, at the same time, also addressing the challenges of providing training to people using different languages, from diverse cultures, countries and backgrounds.