Bite-size Change Management Training

Change Management Training

A major financial services company approached us to discuss their need to train people around change and resilience.

They were looking for a short course that would effectively prepare both managers and employees for change, across different teams serving different functions. They were especially interested in developing resilience, supporting staff, and ensuring a responsive and flexible attitude to change.

Change Management Training

They key to the success of this bite-size course was holding extensive discussions with the client beforehand, and making sure we understood what outcomes they were looking to achieve. We were able to design and ‘tweak’ the course in different ways to make it relevant to each different set of delegates, taking on board their different roles, working patterns, and feedback. Although the sessions were short and caused minimal disruption in the workplace, they delivered effective and tailored training.

Comments have included: “I am so busy that I wasn’t going to come – but actually time has flown by and it was really useful.”

“Although I have been through change training before, it was really good to remind myself of the best practice and why it is needed.”

“The trainer made the training very ‘real-world’ and was very positive”.