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Is your organisation ready?(Part 1 of 6)

In today’s fast-changing world, rapid advances in technology are having a huge impact on the way we do business.

No wonder this is sometimes referred to as the ‘4th industrial revolution’. And this revolution is taking place in a hyper-competitive environment, featuring demographic and geographic shifts, and the proliferation of emerging markets.

So what does this mean for the workplace as we head into the 2020s?

It means that we have to create a mindset for change, and embrace new ways of working. And it means that we have to prepare our workforce so we can keep up with the pace of that change and continue to prosper.

Learning is key to our survival in this new age. And there are several factors that are driving the need for learning as we navigate this complex modern environment.

We have identified these factors as the five drivers for building a successful workplace in the 2020s.

Cegos Asia Pacific recently conducted a survey amongst 1500 senior-level business, HR and learning leaders to identify the truths and myths of these five drivers.

Here, we present a bite-sized version of our report, showcasing the main findings that came from the survey.

The results help us to understand exactly how we can prepare our workforce for the 2020s, how we can use technology to ready our businesses for the future, and how we can take advantage of the exciting social changes happening all around us.

To see the full report, you can download it here for free.

Come back next week to find out more specifically on DRIVER #1 – THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY