With its 2019 solutions, Cegos is pursuing its commitment to developing skills

The technological revolutions, the emergence of new jobs and the ongoing changes in the world of work are making long life learning a major challenge. It is against this backdrop that Cegos, an international leader in learning and development, is continuing to develop its offering for 2019. With one belief: skills development and upgrading are key to address work-related challenges. And Learning & Development is a decisive lever to consolidate organisations’ competitiveness and people’s employability.

Transform learning to transform skills

With the digital transformation and particularly the advent of artificial intelligence, everyone is aware that the gap may well widen between people who are better trained and the others. According to the European “Transformations, skills and L&D” study led in April 2018 by the Cegos Observatory, 87% of staff feel their job will be affected by technological changes over the next five years. 53% predict the emergence of new jobs and 28% believe that some business lines will disappear. 79% of staff see learning as the main driver for dealing with these changes.José Montes, Chairman of the Cegos Group, explains:“As a leader on the learning and development market, we have a duty to stand side by side with people and organisations as they tackle the transformation in the world of work. Making organisations more competitive and people more employable: that collective and individual performance is what we strive to achieve with our customers. By innovating non-stop, we are able to engage learners in three ways:
  • We see learning as a long-term experience: time is an essential factor when people acquire the skills they will need for the future. We can acquire new knowledge very fast but changing our habits and ways of doing things at work takes time.
  • We are keen on “rehumanising” learning, by harnessing teaching skills and relationships; we have wide variety of options to do that (virtual classrooms, community management, e-coaching, peer coaching, tutoring, etc.).
  • We are tailoring learning experiences, by delivering the content each individual needs and by taking each learner’s preferences into account.”
Following these convictions, Cegos’ offering and solutions for 2019 are centred around four major areas of focus:
  • Developing technological skills in addition to social, emotional and behavioural skills
  • Turning skills into performance using the 4REAL© approach
  • Ensuring a more engaging learning experience
  • Accessing a new offering of tailor-made services
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