Transforming experience crucial to APAC businesses

No matter what your industry, your customers’ and employees’ experience of your organisation will determine how successful, or otherwise, you will be. It also has a direct impact on your organisation’s learners, in terms of how you create the training programmes you need to make those experiences even better.‘Experience’ is the main theme of the Cegos Business Transformation Summit, which comes to Singapore for the first time this October. At the event, we will explore how developing a positive and engaging experience for customers and employees alike will have a transformative effect on your business.But how exactly does this concept of experience impact organisations in the Asia Pacific? Let’s look at each area in turn.

The Customer Experience

In modern marketing campaigns, the customer experience inspires how marketing messages are designed and executed. A seamless and satisfying customer journey is more likely to result in a sale, so we should focus on appealing to the ways customers interact with a brand as much as the benefit they receive from buying the product or service.Anthropology, neuromarketing, big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) all help create advanced consumer insights that predict consumer behaviour with as much as 95% accuracy. These are used to develop clear and enhanced experiences for customers that fit more directly with their needs.Large parts of the Asia Pacific economy are service based, especially in those heavily dependant on human capital, such as Singapore. In addition, much of the service sector needs to appeal to the global market, so a sophisticated understanding of how different customers experience your brand is beneficial.

The Employee Experience

Competition for a skilled workforce is increasing. As the workplace becomes more complex, HR professionals should aim to create a compelling employee experience – one that focuses less on what employees do and more on what motivates them.As such, more companies are ready to invest in different approaches, such as healthier, people-centric and flexible workspaces, sophisticated collaborative tools, and HR self-service platforms (including learning and induction platforms, etc.)In our white paper for the Cegos Brave New Ways of Working event last year, we found that many countries in the Asia Pacific region lag behind competitors in terms of offering the tools and training employees need to do their jobs more productively, especially when using new technology. There is, therefore, an urgent need for APAC organisations to address this issue so they can attract the brightest and the best.

The Learner Experience

At Cegos, we consider each learner’s goals and empower them to personalise the experience. We create learning programmes made up of bite-sized chunks, and blend them appropriately through a mix of self-directed learning, live events, e-coaching and social learning.In addition, we support our learner’s efforts through self-reflection activities based on emotional scenarios, on-the-job practice, guidance, feedback, encouragement and rewards. It is important to simplify learner interactions with all digital interfaces across the whole learning journey. We achieve this through our learner experience platform – the Learning Hub – which features single sign-on, a smart user interface driven by data, and human recommendations. The hub is accessible on a range of digital devices, including mobile.Advanced economies, such as those in Singapore and Hong Kong, are embracing the digital learning revolution. In other countries – such as Thailand and Malaysia – traditional training methods are still the norm, but there is certainly a mood for change with, for example, Thailand’s digital economy initiatives now gathering speed.During the Business Transformation Summit, attendees will hear from luminaries in the business world – such as Martin Lindstrom and Jeanne Meister. They promise to challenge our thinking and get us to do business differently in a way that transforms the experience for all.Click here for details and registration for this year’s Business Transformation Summit on Tuesday 9th October. The event will be held exclusively at the Star Loft, Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore.