Transformation, Skills and Learning: how to address the future?

Cegos Group has today unveiled the results of its international survey “Transformation, skills and learning: how to address the future?”.The 2018 survey polled 2,227 employees and 316 HR & Learning Directors, all working in private-sector companies with 50+ employees in five countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Key findings at a glance:

  • Technological developments and their impact on the management of human resources: 89% of European employees think that technological developments could change the content of their work.
  • Strategic skills for the future: 49% Flexibility and adaptation, 45% Learning to learn, 41% Efficient organisation of work.
  • Professional training: perception and usage: 53% of European employees would be willing to finance part of the cost of their training and 79% of European employees would be willing to take training outside of their work time.
José Montes, Cegos Group’s Chairman, gives some details about Cegos’ convictions:“This latest edition of our research underscores the vital necessity for companies today to speed up skills development in order to tackle the current transformations in the world of work.”Technological developments are challenging employees’ entire skills set, including technical, behavioural and business skills. A new framework is necessary to build up a smart and high-performing human & machine cohabitation.“At Cegos, we believe that, as machines progress, the human aspects of work and associated soft skills are becoming increasingly important. Likewise, human interactions are fundamentally important for thorough, deep-seated learning. Lastly, people must be able to train in a smooth, efficient manner, which implies finding the keys to learner engagement and make learning solutions even more effective.”Discover the complete results of our research in our dedicated press release.Cegos Group partners with organisations across +50 countries in order to help them solve their exponential L&D challenges. Learn more about our global L&D solutions.