Tips to gain Professional Efficiency


One of the biggest challenges in the Human Resources area is achieving the greatest professional efficiency within a work team. Each collaborator must be able to fulfill the assigned task in the most productive and orderly manner.

In general, the best results are achieved if they have a defined plan and objective, if the members' abilities are known, and the roles and functions are assertively communicated.

In this article you will learn the 9 essential steps you must follow to achieve success efficiently. Are you following us in reading?

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How to improve work efficiency?

Before you can improve work efficiency, you need to understand what exactly it is. Thus, you will be able to measure and evaluate it periodically based on different indicators; in addition to implementing appropriate measures to guarantee effectiveness in each of the processes.

It is very common to confuse effectiveness with efficiency. Both words sound somewhat similar; but their meanings are far from similar and it is important to recognize the differences.

Efficiency is the ability to optimize the time and resources available to accomplish a specific task. While effectiveness is the degree of effectiveness achieved when performing a task.

Now that we have clarified this, we can move on to the actions and tools necessary to optimize work performance.

Nine-step guide to improve efficiency in companies

There are many strategies to improve work efficiency in your company. Many agree on the need to develop a complete, amplified and completely objective vision.

To achieve this, you have many tools and resources that can help you. On this occasion, we can recommend you follow this 9-step guide to achieve greater professional efficiency in your team.

Eliminate unnecessary meetings

You must first ask yourself if the meeting you want to arrange is really necessary. If it is, you must program it appropriately, setting clear objectives to be addressed in it.

It is important that you evaluate which people should attend your meeting and how long it will last. This way it will be more productive, since they will have an agenda to follow.

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Unnecessary, unproductive or poorly planned meetings can put at risk the efficient fulfillment of a work group's objectives.

Increase the efficiency of your team

You must increase the professional efficiency of your team with clear and concise actions. For example, sharing the information to be discussed in a meeting with sufficient time in advance.

Formulate conventions on how it will be developed from a practical point of view and communicate them to each interested party. Taking due note of what was discussed is essential and it is vital that concrete actions aimed at results are recorded. 

 Additionally, after the meeting it is important to ask the participants for their opinion to apply the improvement to your process .

Prioritize work based on key results

People who know exactly what, how and when they should do something are more efficient and productive. Therefore, it is vital that you invest the necessary energy in setting clear and achievable short-term goals. 

If you make sure to communicate them correctly to your team, they will be able to build a solid foundation to achieve long-term goals. 

With respect to the above, it is important to have a vision that stimulates the subject based on their work. That is, if you set achievable goals, employees will be more willing to achieve the following ones. 

Eliminate, postpone, delegate or reduce work with the lowest priority

An efficient, well-planned organization with clear objectives will inevitably lead to greater professional efficiency. You must make sure that your entire team has the same goal as their goal. 

If a person has two tasks with the same relevance, delegate one of them to another employee. If a task is not really necessary, delete it. This way, you can speed up the pace of work and reduce low-priority tasks.

Establish your team's work before you start

Having applied the previous recommendations, in this step you must focus on defining a clear goal . You have to develop an action plan to make possible and measure each achievement until the objective is met.

 Additionally, you must delegate roles consciously and objectively. This way each member of your team knows their tasks and will be able to concentrate on them from the beginning.

Each collaborator must know their specific role and task within an action plan before starting work. This way your performance will be higher.

Collaboration between different departments

Work management tools and resources can help you integrate the capabilities of one or more departments. Always, in pursuit of the fulfillment of the same objective.

From this interaction, skills can be combined that will improve professional efficiency . In addition, the exchange of ideas and thoughts can give you a different perspective on the processes to be carried out or the problems you face.

Determine and communicate the purpose of the different communication channels

Usually, the communication of a work team is usually replicated in several simultaneous channels. This does not help make the action more efficient.

You need to evaluate which will be the most efficient tool and eliminate the others from that management. What will be communicated through said medium must be specific to the coordinated task.  

Each employee uses multiple communication tools on a daily basis. To achieve professional efficiency, only those necessary should be used. That decision saves time and improves productivity.


Improving professional efficiency is possible if the appropriate measures are taken to achieve it. And you can become a key piece! 

Learn about each of the management tools that you have at your disposal and follow each of the steps explained. You will notice the positive change immediately.  

At Cegos Asia Pacific, we can help you acquire this knowledge from solid experience. Thus, you will be able to adequately manage your company's Human Resources and improve productivity and efficiency. Discover the advantages of our training!