Success Is Right Here, Right Now

This interesting post is contributed by our Business Development Manager, Meng Bannister. Follow her on LinkedIn: to success - success is right here, right nowI have read this story quite a few times. And yet, it never fails to inspire me. No wonder I read it again and again whenever I feel any worldly cares pulling me down. You may have heard this story also. But another look at it surely won’t hurt. If at all, it will inspire you and motivate you to do a bit of soul-searching.It is a short story about a merry fisherman and a rich businessman in a small sleepy coastal village near Sao Paulo, Brazil. The businessman is on a vacation when he sees the fisherman returning with a boat loaded with his morning catch. He advises the fisherman to put in more efforts and time so that he can earn and save more money, buy a fleet of fishing boats and start his own fishing company. And then he could be rich like the businessman, whereupon he could retire to a small fishing village and enjoy some quiet time with his wife and kids. The fisherman very innocently asks the businessman, “What do you think I am doing now?” Nice story, isn’t it? And definitely something worth thinking.Well, most people have a skewed idea of success. Success is more often than not measured in material gains. And the bitter truth is, people like the fisherman who are indifferent to material gains, are frowned upon. One must understand that success covers a broad spectrum of accomplishments. These questions may help you in your own quest for success:What is SUCCESS? Firstly, define success. Success can mean different things for different people. Be clear about what success means to YOU. For example, earning a certain amount of wealth, securing that top position, or finishing a near impossible task. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong as long as you don’t compromise what is important to you. Which takes us to our next question.What is important to you? In your life journey, there are things that are important to you and always come first, no matter what. Make a list. What is more important –money, position, honour or little everyday things that make you happy like listening to your favourite melody or reading a new book, cooking dinner with your spouse, walking your dog or reading bedtime stories to your kids. No one’s judging you as long as you have your priorities set right in your own mind.What are you willing to lose? No great things come without risking or losing something. And success can be a tough paymaster. What is it that you are willing to risk or lose? To make those millions, you may have to work day and night, ruin relationships, and compromise health and invite lifestyle diseases. If you are willing, then no one’s complaining.Remember, success is a journey, not a destination. And the bitter truth is you can never sit back and say you have achieved success. There will always be something more to achieve, something more to gain.So what is SUCCESS to you?