Smart Communication

Speaking of communication, I believe that the advent of social networks is of extraordinary importance: an epochal watershed (without wanting to appear blasphemous) divides the Avanti-Social (AS) and the After-Social (DS).Until the advent of social media, there were 3 ways of speaking to a wider audience of 4 or 5 people:
  1. Media such as radio and TV - not necessarily accessible to everyone back then
  2. Newspapers, magazines and books - 'below the line' options that were somewhat passive
  3. Events - expensive in terms of investment and organization hence could not be frequently done.
How many times have you spoken to an audience in the avanti-social (AS)? Conversely, how many have you done so after having Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...?

Communication at the time of Social

Akin to opportunities, knowing how to communicate to an audience is a necessity today. A necessity also due to the fact that, if it has always been true that it is "impossible not to communicate", today it is even more so - especially when you have a social profile.Daenerys TargaryenThe GoT character that is most effective in the "one to many" communication: "Born of the Storm", "The First of His Name", "Queen of the Andals", "Rhoymar and of the First Men", "Lady of the Seven Kingdoms", "Protector of the Kingdom", "Princess of the Rock of the Dragon", "Khaleesi of the Great Sea of Grass", "the Non-burned", "Mother of Dragons", "Queen of Meereen", "Destroyer of Chains" is no coincidence that Daenerys carries with her such a long string of titles. Her name convinces easily, due to her conquests, way of communicating with frequency and capacity. She is able to 'speak with hearts'. It is her modality, derived from the way she sets herself apart whenever she is in front of a crowd - talking to the hearts to move the crowds.The objectives of CommunicationWhen we tweet, send friends a Facebook PM or simply a post of photo - that is communication and is done with a goal.
  • Share: we have content that we want to make public. To effectively achieve this goal it is necessary to know how to use an effective and efficient communication way. That is why the use of images and photographs is so prevalent. Knowing how to speak or write as effectively is certainly less easy.
  • To teach: when the content that you want to divulge and share has a formative value (or stimulates a reflection), you have to offer it to others in such a way that not only is it read - but also understood and internalized.
  • Getting a reaction: this is the highest goal that communication can set itself. Therefore it is necessary to use a method, a channel and words that lead to action - creating an effect in the 'receiver'.
On the flip side - not checking the words, the channels and the mode of communication can be dangerous. Socially among friends, wrong words can pass off as jokes but in the professional sphere - it risks of ineffectiveness and consequential economic damage. In that sense, the boundaries between informal / friendship and the professional sphere are increasingly blurred and impalpable.I conclude with a somewhat provocative sentence - one which stuck me deeply, shared by one of our consultants Luigi Carrera with the context about communication:

"Watch how they see you. If they do not see you - you are nobody. But if your are someone, you must also be consistent"