Self-Empowerment: knowing how to Do, how to Be

How many times have we attributed our failure to lack of capacity? And how many times, instead - did we have the lucidity of disturbing our personal inadequacy for seeking motivation? The care of know-how must be accompanied by that of knowing how to be.The character that I chose as the best self-empowerment testimonial is Arya Stark - the one that shows the greatest evolution in the comparison between the first and last episodes of the Game of Thrones series.Why do we deal with the Business Transformation and suggest taking care of self-empowerment? The Business Transformation is first of all, a transition phase. If the talent does not adapt, the transition phases can turn into phases of failure. The expected direct connection between talent and performance risks falling under the weight of expectations - of pressures for results and distracting from the performance and the main focus.This is why self-empowerment is fundamental. Focusing only on enriching one's capacity to carry an increasingly supplied toolbox would be limiting for incomplete; we must also win a challenge to personal empowerment in order to improve the ability to carry that box with it.The phases of transformations accentuate the process of 'wear and tear' of the abilities as well as putting a strain on the solidity of the person.

Why Arya Stark

Arya Stark shows a clear vision of herself and of what she wants to be, as a child:
  • she wants to be skilled in handling the sword and, despite being female and discouraged by those around her, she finds a way to realize that desire
  • she does not want to submit to an unacceptable condition after her father's death and flees to find her own dimension
Her every move is dictated by the clear vision of herself, and in parallel she brings with her an upgrade phase of her own set of skills. She becomes a swordswoman attending classes with a highly reputable master, acquiring fighting and assassination techniques and a place in the House of Black and White serving the God of the Thousand Faces. She hatched a plan to exterminate all those who have harmed her and, step by step, tries to achieve it by strengthening herself and adding a small and new piece to the 'puzzle' from time to time.Therefore, to recapitulate self-empowerment means: reading of the context > self-view > analysis of one's own needs >  evaluation of intervention alternatives > metabolisation of what has been acquired > put into practice > evaluation; and to start from the beginning again upon encountering of a new context, and so on.
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