Learning Experience and Digital Learning key to increase workplace performance

HR Festival Asia 2019The inaugural event as a result of the partnership between HR Summit & Expo Asia (known in Singapore as the largest and most popular HR and human resource management event – the ‘must-attend’ event for every HR professional agenda) and HR Technology Conference & Exposition (leading and reputable event in the United States).HR Festival Asia 2019 was created to be the one and only reference event for the HR and Tech industry - bringing together more than 5,000 decision makers from Management, HR and HR Tech. The event hosted some of the most important speakers and thought leaders, as well as the main service providers, to assist the convergence of human resources, technology and the new world of work .Cegos Asia Pacific was present with an exceptional stand – right beside the Talent Development Conference area and was one of the Premium Sponsors alongside international players such as our partner Cornerstone . I participated as speaker on the first day, immediately after Josh Bersin and his first speech at the CxO Symposium.Key talking points:As a company we had three goals and messages to share with our audience:• Cegos has a story: we were born in 1926 and our proven ability to manage the world of learning can guarantee our clients' investments in education.• Focusing on how people learn , we have developed a disruptive learning approach: 4REAL (Real, Effective, Adaptive, Learning).• Thanks to our culture and ability to invest in innovation , we have a brand new #UP solution to present to the Asian community.The title of my speech "Unlock Organizational Performance through Learning Experiences, leveraging on Digital Technology" attracted attention, as there were no more seats available and there were also people standing at the back of the room.Transforming behaviors through trainingIn half an hour I shared a simple but important concept that underlines a basic idea: learning is not only important today; instead - it must be the way to transform the behavior and generate impact on the improvement of performance.The neuroeducation shows that our brain never stops learning and learning is influenced by emotions , from environment of learning, the social processes and the experience . Based on these assumptions, I introduced the concept that today the best way to guarantee the learning experience is through digital learning . Why?Technology at the service of learningThe Digital Learning is a booster for the classroom training, being ATAWAD (anytime, anywhere, any device) – allows the increase of the duration of learning by providing the overlap between the working life and that of learning, personalization as well as guaranteeing continuity from school education and University to the workplace.I was able to test the participation of the public in my speech, by using a digital instrument of sharing , which showed how everyone was in agreement with these concepts and how they were ready to invest more and more digital learning.The speech by Josh Bersin was also very focused on the convergence of the technology of human resources in the new world of work. He emphasized the importance of learning by defining it as "the most important thing" and stating that there is a growing "increase in anxiety on the part of employees".What is the role of the Business Transformation?In my speech I introduced the concept of a world that not only changes rapidly but is too fast compared to the human capacity to adapt to change. If companies do not continue to invest in new skills (soft or hard), their competitive advantage will be eroded over time.Social transformation leads to corporate transformation and the combination of these two factors leads to new challenges in the L&D world . Human resources managers, L&D managers, but also other executives need to focus on this.The latest PWC survey shows that 34% of CEOs consider the lack of skills a major concern, with an impact on innovation , on rising costs and the risk of lost opportunities. For all of them, the main tool to avoid all these tremendous risks is the training and re-qualification of soft and hard skills.This must be done by integrating the new digital world of learning with the previous one, leading to an evolution of the human resources function and generating a lasting positive impact on the company's performance.