Gamification – The Future of Learning

Digital gaming is not a new term. Most of the Generation X population has grown up with ‘recreational’ gaming for entertainment purposes. But what continues to rise in the learning world is the use of ‘serious’ gaming for educational, learning or product promotion.Gamification – The Future of LearningBelieve it or not, gamification or the process of applying gaming concepts to learning or training scenarios in order to promote change and engagement, is one of the more recent tools being used in corporate training. Gamification is also increasingly finding its way into student curriculums and industry training courses.Why is Gamification being used for learning and development purposes?We know that games encourage fun, smiles, creativity and rewards. But games can be frowned upon in the corporate world. This lack of fun, creativity and rewards, can impact the motivation, interest and engagement of the workers in the organisations. The millennial who has been raised on puzzles, riddles and complex video games right from infancy, is hardwired to learn from experiences with game-like elements. To appeal to this younger workforce and in fact customers too, more and more organisations are adopting the gamification approach.If not designed and delivered appropriately, the training/learning process can be dull, mechanical and obsessed with presentations, which reduces the learners’ interest and engagement considerably. This in turn impacts the effectiveness of the training and its return on investment to the business.Utilising gamification as part of the training delivery method, provides an element of fun, while allowing for immediate feedback and encouraging competition and recognition. Like in any video game where one needs to master one level before moving on to the next, gamification helps the learner to practise the skills learnt whilst challenging them through the process. Serious learning games let employees practice in a simulated risk-free environment before they deal with live situations.Gamification provides compelling value for the organization and individual in terms of improved conflict resolution and collaboration skills, higher learner engagement and greater knowledge retention.At Cegos, we have designed and developed training tools like gamification, to help your Managers and Teams improve their capability. Gamification can be used as part of a high quality blended learning pathway, enabling you to transform the way your people learn.To find out more, Contact us today.