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The learning population across Asia Pacific is moving towards an expectation for ‘life-long learning’. The growth in technology led learning within the region is evident, led by an increase in hand held Tablet use, increased accessibility to online learning and an emerging “readiness” to integrate these types of activities with more traditional, face to face learning methods.

There is also a growing need for compliance training as companies and organizations need to ensure their employees meet a variety of compliance requirements — from government or industry regulations to standards set by their own internal corporate guidelines. Failure to comply with these regulations can potentially lead to loss of business, or civil and even criminal penalties.

Join this interactive seminar and:

  • Explore the latest learning methods and trends across Asia Pacific
  • Understand the role of HRD / L&D management, employees, and managers in learning
  • Discuss the learning preferences of employees
  • Discover how Learning Management Systems can help make compliance easy
  • See the latest in technology enabled learning

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