Emotional Learning – is it possible to learn without emotion?


The article "Emotional Learning - is it possible to learn without emotion?" was written by author Maria João Ceitil, Head of Talent & Innovation at Cegoc and published in the magazine Aprendir Magazine

This article addresses the importance of emotions in learning and personal development processes . With the humanization of organizations in the spotlight, emotional intelligence skills are gaining more and more relevance as fundamental elements for success and a fulfilling life in a complex society.

However, if we want to effectively humanize organizations, it is not enough to develop emotional skills, we need to implement models that promote Emotional Learning - learning that starts with and promotes emotions. People no longer just want to access knowledge, but rather have experiences that promote transformation and the development of new skills.

To achieve this, it is necessary to bring emotions into learning approaches and methodologies , through models that promote experiential learning, gamification and immersive programs . After all, emotions are fundamental elements for learning and evolution , whether through joy, fear, anger, sadness or disgust.

Therefore, if we want to effectively humanize organizations, it is essential to develop emotional skills and bring emotions into the way we help people learn and evolve . After all, the question we must think about is: is it possible to learn without emotion? Maybe, but it certainly won't be the same.

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Maria João Ceitil

Head of Talent & Innovation at CEGOC