Blog Post 2 Article - iStock_000017486165SmallFollowing our blog post from last week on the 2020 workplace and the 5 key drivers for successful change, here are the main findings from our research for Driver #1.

Technology remains at the heart of modern business, and is playing an increasingly important role in how we connect with clients and associates alike.

Respondents told us they are already preparing for the changes that come with new technology. Many believe that our working practices will become more automated over time, and 83% believe that Gen Z (those currently preparing to enter the workforce) will demand more peer connectivity using mobile devices.

Technology Now

How are people currently utilising technology in the workplace?
  • Increasingly using mobile devices to learn and carry out tasks
  • Creating online social communities to access up-to-date information
  • Using file sharing technology to increase efficiencies
  • Owning a Learning Management System to help with compliancy and measure success
  • Enabling community-based learning, both formally and informally

Call to Action

What can we do now to leverage technology in the workplace?

  • Invest in greater digitalisation of face-to-face learning – easy on the budget and a more flexible option for businesses and employees
  • Use virtual technologies to develop immersive training tools for skills building – exploiting webinars and virtual online classes
  • Develop useful measures for success in online learning, using data for analysis in course improvement
  • Leaders should set an example, by becoming early adopters of new technologies, and encouraging others to do the same; making use of tech-savvy Gen Y employees

By embracing all that new technology has to offer, learning can be more flexible, adaptable and relevant to the changing needs of the workplace.

Check out page 15 of the full report for three creative ways to use technology to aid learning and development.

Next week we will cover the main findings for DRIVER #2 – LEADER AND MANAGER READINESS